Documentary shorts

Documentary shorts

The Training / Trening (Poland, 2008)

directed by Julia Kolberger, short movie, 11 min, eng subtitles , web

A story of love in the times of direct selling. Two young unemployed get to know each other during a marketing training, which bears an uncanny resemblance to a meeting of a sect.

Motocykleni (Czech Republic, 2000)

directed by Markéta Válková, documentary, 20 min, eng subtitles , web

A slightly comical testimony about the declining years of motorcycle racers.

Things / Věci (Czech Republic, 2005)

directed by Marta Hrubá, documentary, 18 min, eng subtitles , web

A light, witty, poetical essay about the human dilemma between accumulating and disposing of things.

Całkowite ofilmienie (Poland, 2004)

directed by Agnieszka Gomułka, documentary, 13 min , web

Film about a total devotion to cinema. The director managed to convince Ryszard Bukowiecki, a doyen of Polish film critics and a real film enthusiast, to tell his story just a short time before he died.

Soňa and Her Family / O Soni a jej rodine (Slovakia, 2006)

directed by Daniela Rusnoková, documentary, 35 min, eng subtitles , web

Intimate portrait of Soňa, a strong and intelligent but also helpless woman, mother of 15 children, living in a Roma settlement Rudňany in eastern Slovakia.